The 7 Bloggers Who Help Me Parent Well

These are great resources for new parents! They say it takes a village to raise a child, but in our case, it’s a pretty small village of just me and my husband 😬. Luckily for me, I’ve been keeping up with these bloggers for a long time; they’re like the internet besties who don’t know I exist 🥲. Here is the para-personal digital tribe I count on for parenting advice!

The Hapa Family

I’ve been watching Ashley’s channel for a few years now, and she’s a great source for Montessori parenting videos. She’s been on Youtube since before her youngest, Mia, was born, so there is plenty of content for newborns and babies as well as toddlers. In her Montessori at home series, she shares great beginner-friendly explanations of how to incorporate Montessori ideals into everyday activities. This is where I first learned about care of self, positive discipline, and independent play, among other things. I even enrolled in her e-course and it’s been a wonderful resource for our family. Ashley also has some great gift guides on her amazon storefront. Although, to be honest, I usually look for a more aesthetic option that has the same purpose as the ones she’s picked.

Busy Toddler

I follow Susie on Instagram and when I need a little sanity in my day while my son’s awake. Her list of “Taby” activities is the first place I look to keep him busy for a few minutes. She’s got excellent guides for baby and toddler activities and crafts. I also recommend her guide on essential activity supplies. It’s great for new parents looking for where to start when they hit the toddler years.

Clean My Space

This isn’t a parenting resource, it’s a cleaning resource. Parenthood introduces all sorts of new messes you’ve never imagined before, and adds complexity to messes you thought you could handle. When my son was born, I started getting really mindful of what I was using to clean my home. I can count on Melissa to have a DIY recipe for most cleaners I need around the house, tips to make cleaning faster and easier, and great recommendations on cleaning tools. I was that girl in college who had no problem climbing over a mountain of clutter to get into her bed at night. But honestly, I now enjoy wiping up little spills throughout the day because my homemade cleaners contain essential oils and it’s basically aromatherapy. Now that we own a home, I’m definitely checking out her resources on seasonal cleaning routines.

Sonny’s Montessori

I follow this Instagram account to sneak toddler activities and Montessori home environment inspiration into my feed. Sonny is about a year and a half older than my son, so it’s a great way to make sure I have ideas in mind already as my son gets older and hits different stages and sensitive periods. I especially like the meal-time independence inspiration.

The Tutu Teacher

Vera is my go-to person for diverse book recommendations. These aren’t just books with vaguely diverse characters, these are well-written books with fun stories and compelling plots that are filled with rich cultural details. They present a world of unfamiliar names, foods, holidays, places, traditions, clothing, and music. Building tolerance starts early, so I love having a good resource for introducing my son to other cultures. New and expecting parents can use this resource when making a registry. (A few similar accounts I follow are @theconsciouskid, @inclusivestorytime, and @carolinepritchardwrites)

Diary of an Honest Mom

Libby is seriously the mom-friend I wish I had in real life. I feel a strong para-personal connection to her because we have similar struggles. She is also trying to gentle parent while dealing with generational trauma and the effects of a narcissistic parent. I’m so glad I found her instagram because it’s always filled with humor, insight, and prompts to give myself compassion. I go to her feed when I’m having a rough day and don’t yet feel up to talking it through with someone I trust. This is a must-follow resource for new parents, we all need some mental health backup now and then.

The Traveling Child

Although my husband and I don’t feel ready to travel with our son just yet, we’re looking forward to when that changes. I follow the Hambrick family on Instagram for travel tips that I can save for the future. Honestly, some of the tips are even great for right now! I sent this post to several people who I know travel frequently. It helped my husband and I decide which credit card we should open since we decided we should have at least one that’s not from a credit union on the opposite coast.

I hope that you’ll check out a few of these resources. Please give some love to the amazing women who create and share them to help other families! Let me know in the comments which of these helped you out. If I missed one of your favorites, drop their social media down below so I can check them out!

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